by Cam and Ben

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The Matses people live in the rainforests of Peru. The main geographic feature of the land is the Amazon Rainforest. The Matses people rely on the land as they grow and hunt for food in their environment. This is why deforestation is a serious concern for the people. Although the land provides the people with food and shelter, the people lack modern technology that can enhance the use of their land.


The Matsés history is brief yet very impressive. The leaders of their tribe created a 500 word encyclopedia explaining their language that they created. It is written in their native language of Panoan. It talks about the language and how to interpret it. It also talks about the medicine that they created. The medicine they have created has helped them cure illnesses.


The Matsés culture is very interesting. They are Animists who believe that all living things have a soul and they speak their native language of Panoan which they created. Their language of Panoan is a mixture between Spanish and Portuguese. They have a single dish that they eat and created which is called Sweet Plantain Beverage Chapo. It is made of cinnamon, cloves, and plantains.


Considering that the Matses live in the rainforest, it isn't too hard to understand that timber is one of the main resources of these people. The people are currently fighting off attempts of deforestation and attempts to extract oil from the land. The main items that these people trade are hides and meat.


The Matses have a history of poor governing. Previously the tribe was run by a council of elders. In attempts to strengthen their government, they have a head chief to run each village. Their chief is elected but that hasn't paid off very well. The chiefs have had a history of tax fraud. They do this to gain extra money but many of them have been sent to jail.