Paper Staff Call 9/16/2016

Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy

First Class Flyers

  • Thank you for being so prepared for DDI meetings!
  • Keep up the great work we are seeing in Walk-Throughs
  • Thank you for helping with Kindergarten Testing
  • The Blended Staff is killing it! Our students love you.
  • Special thanks to Pat, Tom, Lisa, Shauna, Amber, Sarah, Felicia and Malissa for reaching out to those displaced families and making them aware of the blended sites.

From the Tower...

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Head of School

In our attempt to finalize plans, there has been some confusion around the times that the Baton Rouge and Lafayette blended sites will be open to serve students. To clarify, each of the sites will open at 9:00 and close at 3:00. It is important that all staff members report by 8:45. If you are going to be late, please contact the site coordinator.


Here is the Flight Plan for next week.

8-12 Grades

You can find our Flight Plan for next week here.

Shout out to all of you who verified that you read the Flight Plan last week!

Don't forget to have your DDI Templates completed by noon on Tuesday. You guys are AWESOME!!

SHREVEPORT PD and Northern Open House - October 7

We will be holding In Person/Virtual PD on October 7 from Shreveport, with an open house outing to follow. We will mirror our September VPD expectations we used for our southern staff, but this time, we will be requiring the northern faculty to join us. Any staff within the diameter of Alexandria, Monroe, and Dallas will be expected to be in Shreveport for In Person PD and the outing. We will be meeting at the Louisiana Tech Shreveport Center, and we will begin promptly at 9a.

Southern and other out-of-state staff will be expected to join us in VPD at 9a.

Lodging survey can be found here.

Town Hall Meeting in New Orleans on September 30 - SUNO Library - 1p

Town Hall meetings for families are coming to your area during September and October. Topics for this quarter include:
- How to read spring test results
- Onboarding Process
- Class Connect Sessions
- Blended Locations
- Customer Service

Coffee Perks

Take a minute to let us know how we are doing and get a free cup of coffee for your time. Administration will be coming around to see how you feel the beginning of the year started and ways we can improve. Let your voice be heard so we can move LAVCA forward. Check flight plans and Staff calendar for your location, times and dates.
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Withdrawals should be processed in the following order:

  1. Complete teacher withdrawal DocuSign form
  2. Forward parent template including SID and grade level DocuSign parent withdrawal form link to LG.

All Reimbursements should be submitted to Please remember that you have 30 days to make submissions for processing.

Time Off Request

All time off request must now be done through the Bamboo HR Portal. This is a two step process:

Step 1: Complete your time off in the HR portal

Step 2: Create Calendar Invite and send to your AA, Lead and Instructional Coach


There is a nifty new button Lookup button on the FAST Tracker. Once you choose LAVCA as the school, you can enter the SID number of a student in any of your classes and press the lookup button. The Family ID, Student Name, Student Grade, and whether or not the student has Special Programs will be automatically populated for you.

10% is the magic number. Our goal and K12’s expectation is that 10% of all student be referred to FAST for extra support. Please check to see which of your students should be referred.

Before you make a referral, please make sure that you have made 1) made contact attempts 2) tried interventions 3) sent the Teacher Referral Email (located at and 4) completed the Students First: Teacher Compliance Running Notes-FAST Referral Note:

We need this documentation before a referral can be approved.

If there is an emergency/crisis situation for Tom (, you can email him and CC Liz ( the name of the student and the situation he/she is in; however, you MUST still compete a referral in the tracker.

If your grade/grade band has important information for students, please keep us (including your FASL) in the loop. We want to know.

FAST Lead , Liz Leger X 3017

FEC, Gina Warren

K-4 FASL, Kim Jones X 3130

5-6 FASL, Eddrick Hodges X 3118

8-9 FASL, Cynthia Perry X 3133

10-12 FASL, Kelly Cruse X 3126

Congratulations to LAVCA’s FAST Team for being ranked #3 out of all of the schools in the nation! Thanks teachers for your support; we appreciate it!

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FAST LIVE HELP will continue for new students through September and is there to support families as they get started. Please refer them to us for things such as introduction to tools, where to locate specifics, how to get through a day...We're here to assist! Sessions are scheduled weekly and times are below:

  • Monday/Wednesday 3:30 to 4:30
  • Tuesday/Thursday 10:30 to 11:30

Please remember to check your students' online learning courses (specifically 8th and up) to be sure that it is complete! Unless the ORN_010 course has the quizzes submitted, they do not get full credit for completion.

Assessment Guidance

Please make sure that you check out the guide for your subject. Changes are always occurring on the website. You are your subject grade level expert.

A Quick Tune Up

The Write Stuff

Pick one of the articles to read and we will discuss in staff call.

Research Topic 1- History writing prompts

Research Topic 2

Research Topic 3- Science writing Prompts

Tech Tip Take Off

Create a Line Out from the Office Line- Love Ali
To make a call from your cell phone, but have the office number appear instead of your cell phone number to the caller follow these steps:

Call into the main office line- 504-322-7543

When you hear the voice press 28#

Listen for the dial tone

Enter the number you wish to call

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