Final S'more

Comm 411- Anna McPherson

Novel Assignment- Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas

"Hello, my sweet Nicholas, it's Daddy. I have to write this. I can't think of anything now, except that I have to talk to you. But this is so hard, little boy. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I let her leave, I didn't stop her. I didn't even go to her, I didn't even kiss her goodbye, Nicky. Because, you see, my sweet boy, Mommy had a heart attack on the way into town. Her car went through the guardrail at the cove. The doctor said she died before the crash, that she didn't feel any pain. I want to believe him. I wind up your music box and it begins to play. I reach into your crib and touch your sweet cheek. I reach into your crib and place an index finger into each of your little hands and watch you squeeze. You're very strong. But you're not in your crib, are you? Because you went with Mommy that day. She strapped you into your carseat and drove you to town. She wanted you to be the first to see your photographs."

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas was a sad but wonderful book to read for this class. It portrayed a loving and caring mother who did all she could to love her son. We read about different mothers in books we assigned and it explained to me that mothers are seen in all different sorts of light. There were also characters that were considered "mother figures" because they may not have been the real moms. The mother figures made me happy though because they still loved the child as if it were their own and cared for them as well. I enjoyed learning how mothers were seen in novels.

Magazine Assignment

Ainsley Williams and I completed the year 2010. This was the year that mothers stepped out of their comfort zone and realized that it was okay for them to be themselves and create a style all their own. Even maternity wear was seen as more fashionable. In this project, I included Amy Adams, the actress, when she was pregnant.

“Amy Adams is getting every mom-to-be’s dream—a custom-made maternity wardrobe from Carolina Herrera! The designer is reworking pieces from her collection to accommodate Adams’s ever-growing baby bump as she promotes her new film Leap Year. “They made my clothes for the entire press tour. They’re amazing. They did such a great job,” Adams told us.” (InStyle 2010)."

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Film Assignment- The Parent Trap

I watched the updated version of the "Parent Trap." This movie showed a mom and a mother figure since the twins were split up. Both the mother and the mother figure cared for each twin. The mother figure, Jesse, was the cook for the household of one of the twins and her father. The mother lived with the other twin on the opposite side of the world. The absence of the mother for one of the twins was harder on her and she missed feeling the emotional and warmth of a mother.

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Television Assignment

I chose to do "Modern Family." It definitely shows me that my home life is typical to the show. It is a wonderful television show to watch and doesn't hold back on any subject.

News Assignment

The mothers that we studied throughout the semester in the news had all sorts of stories. We had happy, sad and shocking moms that were apart of everyday news. This links to a news clip about a mom who got a note from her daughter's school to not put oreos in her lunchbox, but more healthy snacks. ""We noticed last minute that we ran out of fruit or we would have put that in there instead," the 22-year-old mom told "So we threw some Oreos in there."' I would think the mom would not want her daughter to go hungry and I would have done the same thing.

The mothers we have talked about in the news have also done heroic and generous things. So all news about the moms was not bad which made me happy because we don't want to put mothers down only. So not all news is bad news.

Distance – Bleach it Away® Clorox Commercial

Advertising Assignment

Bounty Commercial (click this link or highlight and copy the one next to it into another window)

Charmin Commercial

Clorox Commercial

I asked the moms certain questions about commercials and mothers and these were some of the answers:

What is one kind of commercial you might like to see more often? (ex, messages for teens, safety, happy commercials, etc)

•Family oriented, real situations, funny, life lessons

•Feel good messages

•Uplifting commercials

•No sales commercials


•Families working together, not just moms doing the work (though that has been my experience)

•More realistic

•Health and safety

•4. Is there a commercial that stands out to you because of the way it portrays motherhood? (Any commercial from any part of your life). If so, what was the commercial?


–“made me laugh, more like real life”

–“its so like boys”


•Hallmark- mom working two jobs to put her daughter through college

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Feminine Mystique

-20% of stay at home mothers are single, 5% cohabitating, and 7% married with husbands who don’t work

-Today’s stay at home moms are more likely to have a high school degree than in 1970

-In 1970 41% of children had a traditional stay at home mom, today it is 20%

-Hours a Week devoted to childcare: working mothers (11 hours), traditional stay at home (20 hours), cohabitating mothers (18 hours), single mothers (16 hours)

-A woman couldn’t start a business without her husband’s permissions

-You could be fired for being pregnant

-Job security depends on your weight

-Could only open a bank account or establish a line of credit with your husband cosigning with you

-You could not get a credit card if you were unmarried or your husband didn’t cosign

-Couldn’t serve on a jury

-Use birth control pills, especially if you weren’t married or your husband didn’t agree

-Go to an ivy league school, or A&M

-Earned 60% of an equal male pay

These statistics made me really think about how great I have it in this era. Women during the age of the Feminine Mystique really had it rough and very little freedom. It made me appreciate all of the opportunities I have as a woman today. I can later on choose to have kids, support my family and go to work if I desire. Women were only labeled housewives and had very few job opportunities. Nowadays, if I want to set my sights on something, I don't have to have a husband's permission and that is a freeing feeling.

Disney Films



Two themes as the nature of mothers:

-Mothers as primary caregivers

– Peter, lady, jungle, aristocats, rescuers, mulan, emperor

-Mothers as protectors

-Mothers as both

–Dumbo, bambi, Dalmatians, lion, Tarzan

Disney moms were mostly absent or killed off throughout Disney movies. As a child, I did not notice that that had happened. Disney made it very subtle that moms were missing throughout the movies. Although, there were quite a few mother figures in the movies. Mary Poppins, Wendy from Peter Pan, Robin Hood and the Fairy Godmother from Sleeping Beauty are all good examples of mother figures. They may not have been the biological mother, but they cared for the child character as if it were one of their own. I enjoyed re-living my childhood and watching the movies once again, this time though, knowing that the mothers were barely there. This gave me a newer understanding of how mothers are portrayed throughout Disney and over another area of media.

Projection to children and teens

Divergent | Tris's mother death :,(
Teenage Fiction shows more mothers than Disney films and puts them in diverse lights. There were evil stepmothers, best friends and guardians. Moms in teen fiction are still relatable for me because I am still young so I relate to what the teens are going through in movies and feel that mothers are portrayed well throughout the media in teen fiction. This was a short part to the class but it was enjoyable because each of the clips and movies were true to today's messages.


As a whole, I learned a lot throughout this semester. I learned that mothers can afford to be strong, week, clumsy, scatterbrained, tough, among many other characteristics. This class helped me to see how mothers are expressed in every kind of media. From books to movies to magazines, mother are all different. No mother is the same. Some may be similar but never the same. I enjoyed learning that things are changing and moving up for mothers. A lot of emotions were brought out throughout this class. We had many discussions and many opinions but all were welcome. I enjoyed the fact this was an open discussion class and we could basically say whatever we wanted to. I do think that we will become better mothers after this class and recognize how it wasn't easy to raise kids in generations before us. Thank you Stacy for a wonderful class and for (fingers crossed) making me a better mother when the time comes.