By Shelby Wood



  • Gallbladder: stores bile and helps the shark float
  • Heart: pumps blood through the sharks body to keep it alive.
  • Kidney: in the male it is part of the reproductive system and in both male and female it helps transport and manufacture urine.
  • Liver: the largest organ in the body and stores energy for the shark
  • Pancreas: it is connected to the duodenum and the stomach and secretions from the pancreas enter the duodenum
  • Small Intestine: moves waste and absorbs moister
  • Large Intestine: absorbs the remaining moister and moves waste to the rectum.
  • Stomach: helps the shark digest food
  • Esophagus: connects the mouth to the stomach
  • Rectum: stores solid waste
  • Claspers: assist in the transfer of sperm during mating and it is only in male sharks.
  • Lateral Line: line beginning at the pectoral fin and ending at the pelvic fin.
  • Gills: they are respiratory organs



Kingdom- Animal

Phylum- Chordate

Class- Chondrichthyes

Order - Squaliformes

Family- Squalidae

Genus- Spurdog

Species- saualus Acanthias

Life Span & Habitat

The Spiny Dogfish Shark can live up to 100 years old.

They like to live in waters where the water temperature is between 7 and 15 degrees.