by Jake, Blake, Grayson

What is this?

Communism is one party (the communist party) who holds supreme power. The economy is controlled by the state. They only allow their beliefs to be in power and are sometimes hostile to religion and human rights.


Communism in Russia

Communism started after the Russian Revolution of 1917. The new communism country's beliefs were based on ideas developed by Karl Marx a German philosopher. The goal was to create an equal and economically well off society. This would be down by making all land, factories, and other resources be owned by the government.

Pros and Cons


  • Don't have to worry about finding a new leader
  • you have the same access to resources that everyone else does
  • everyone is equal
  • no unemployed
  • high growth rate
  • low crime rate


  • people have no voice
  • there is no competition
  • is a theoretical philosophy
  • higher prices for basic goods
  • no civil rights
  • can lead to tyrants in power