A novel by Victorija Panovska

That evening, while everyone was at dinner, Mrs. Jones went to Anubis House.

“Good evening Mrs. Jones”, everybody greeted her from the table.

Tracy approached drying a glass with a towel: “Evening Marissa”.

“Good evening Tracy, students. I would like to talk to Sarah Rutter”, Mrs. Jones said. Sarah stood up from the table and went to her, “I heard you are doing a great job in the AV Club?”

“Yes. Best in class”, Sarah said proudly.

“So, how would you and a couple of other students like to create the brand new Magnolia web-site. It can also be something like a social network if you want”, Mrs. Jones said.

“Of course! I love social networks”, Sarah said.

“Great. Gather your helpers tomorrow and get started. We need it ready at least in a month”, Mrs. Jones said and left Anubis House.

“So, what does she want you to do?”, James asked when Sarah came back to the table.

“She wants me and some other tech geeks to create the brand new Magnolia social network website”, Sarah said.

“Cool. What are you gonna name it?”, Stacy asked.

“That… I have no idea”, Sarah said.

“I think it should be something common, like MagnoliaBoardingSchool. But, the social network should have a different tag-line, like TeenSpace.MagnoliaBoardingSchool, or something”, Tori said.

“Tori, you are a genius”, Sarah said.

“Usually I’m not good at names and such, but this one just came to me”, Tori said.

“Like an idea”, Kat said and everybody on the table stared at her. She giggled.

“O…K…”, Kendal said and they continued to eat.

That night Tori and Daniel decided to go down to the common room after midnight. They made sure Tracy was fast asleep and slowly went down the stairs.

“You’re sure this will work”, Tori said when Daniel turned on the lamp.

“100 percent. The internet never lies”, Daniel said and put the piece of paper on the top of the lamp. Soon, words written with golden ink appeared.

“You were right! It’s invisible ink!”, Tori shouted a little, “So, Danny, about that basketball thing. Is everybody taking a girl?”, Tori asked Daniel.

“It’s not a date thing. The headmistress of our opponent school wanted to give girls a special treatment”, he said.

“Oh, good”, Tori said a little disappointed, “So, what does it say?”

“’The fireplaces are

The wrong place to look,

The right path

Is in the book.

In this book

You will find,

The things you need

To make it in time’”, Daniel read from the paper.

“Why does every riddle need to rhyme?”, Tori said.

“I don’t know. But, this is even harder than the last one”, Daniel said.

“I still don’t get why that voice gave me a wrong clue”, Tori said and leaned on the couch.

“Maybe it’s evil?”, there was silence.

“No… It’s not evil”

“Where are you going with this?”

“Who said place of fire is a fireplace?”

“Um, you?”

“I think there’s something about that book that makes it a place of fire”, Tori said, “We need to check the library and we need to do that fast.”