Trojan Update

March 13th, 2018

March Madness Begins

In my experience, this is the point in the school year when time seems to speed up and suddenly, we are at graduation. We have this week, then a week off for Spring Break, then back for a week before April begins. April brings CAASPP testing, then AP, and then before we know it, we're talking Car Show, Yearbook distribution, prom and graduation. The rhythm of the school year is ramping up!

We are continuing to monitor what Wednesday, March 14th will look like. We anticipate some student response to the events in Parkland, FL. We will be watchful to be sure our number one priority, that all our students are safe, is met. We do want to be sure students and staff can share their views in a manner that keeps us safe.

On a separate note, we will be practicing a few drills in upcoming weeks just to be sure everyone is aware of what to do in the case of an emergency.

Also a quick reminder about our evening parent conversation with PPAD regarding our children's choices on weekends in the PHS Library at 6:30pm. (see flyer below)

The Ashland trip to the land of Shakespeare will be off on Wednesday, along with a few other field trips this week.

Don't forget Spring Break, coming up from March 19-23rd.

Please read on! Have a great week!

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Important Counseling Info: Online Courses + SRJC Summer

If your student is either currently enrolled in an online class or considering one for next school year, please keep the following things in mind. Online classes taken outside of PHS are not monitored by counselors or any PHS staff, so it is the responsibility of the parents to monitor work and progress towards completion. For seniors, classes should be finished up by Friday, May 18th (including taking the final) so that there is time to have the work graded and a final transcript sent to the counseling department. Please remember that online classes are not great for everyone's learning styles and sometimes even bright students struggle in an online environment. When classes are taken through PHS directly, we are able to provide more support via the teachers and the counselors, and when it comes to AP classes, the teachers are trained to prepare the students for the AP tests in the spring and the curriculum is supported through college board. Although online appeals to many, it is important to consider your student's individual needs and make sure that the plan is communicated to your student's counselor.

SRJC info:

Are you interested in taking a SRJC class in summer 2018 or fall 2018? The schedule is available now and concurrent registration forms are due to SRJC BEFORE students can register. Registration starts Thursday, April 26th. Please review the steps to enroll in a SRJC Class:

  1. Look at online schedule:
  2. Create an online SRJC account and get Student ID# (9 digit number)
  3. Complete concurrent enrollment form and get ALL required signatures
  4. Take any placement tests needed for prerequisite (English, Math, Science & Language classes):
  5. Turn form into SRJC Admissions & Records BEFORE you register
  6. Register online during priority registration
  7. Show counselor proof of registration

Career Days March 5th and 6th - Success!

Last week, our counselors showcased a terrific series of speakers and panelists from a wide variety of career fields. Sophomores from different classes attended and asked excellent questions. (see video loop below). The program included talks by graduates of Petaluma High who have gone on to successful careers in various fields, including Events/Media, Construction/Electrical, Real Estate, Wealth Management, Financial Services, Vineyards/Winery, Recruiting, Broadcasting and Psychology/Crisis.

This is a great way for our current students to imagine their futures as well as some how-to's and roadmaps to careers. Thank you to our remarkable counselors for putting this event together.

Summer job? Check this out...

Sonoma Media Investments is hosting a job fair in two weeks on March 22nd. We will have approximately 50 different employers with a wide range of available job opportunities, several of which may be great summer or part-time job for your students!

Can you help us spread the word to your students?

· Facebook Event Page:

· Eventbrite Attendee Registration Page:

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Varsity Baseball Says it's Time for a Walk Off!

The varsity Trojans were battling Saturday afternoon against a strong squad from San Lorenzo. After falling behind 3-0 in the first, the Trojans found themselves down 4-2 in the fourth. Though they rallied, they still trailed 5-4 going into the bottom of the seventh. After tying the game, it was up to big number 15, Bradley Smith. Take a look below...

Trojans 6 San Lorenzo 5

Important Upcoming Dates

Don't forget the following dates:

  • March 13th - PAC

  • March 14th - Staff: PLN/PLC Wednesday

  • March 14th - Ashland Spring Trip departs; Drama Club Feld Trip

  • March 14th - Parent/Student Community Meeting @ 6:30pm in the Library

  • March 15th - APES Field Trip; MarS Field Trip

  • March 19th-23rd - SPRING BREAK

  • March 26th - Athletic Booster Meeting

  • March 28th - Staff Meeting

  • March 30th - Spanish 3 Field Trip to Loma Vista

  • April 2nd - PTSA

  • April 5th - Principal's Tour 1pm

  • April 7th - Mr GQ in Multi


Rather than copy and paste from our website as I've done in the past, let's use our website as the main form of reminder as to what is coming up. Click the link below and check out what's coming up from the calendar. (The link is now correct!)