Body in the Woods By: April Henry

Maddy Wells


In this crazy mystery book that will make you question throughout, Alexis, Nick and Ruby all face many adversities personally, but get into quite an adventure once they join Portland County Sheriff's Search and Rescue. One day they get a task to go out and look for an autistic man lost in the woods, but instead they find the least expected. A body. They all get tangled up in a journey to find the victim's killer, before the killer can strike again.

Book Rating

I would give this book a 3 out of 5 stars. Body in the Woods, left you on some cliffhangers that made you want to continue reading, however, it went by slow. This book tended to be slow-moving, and it made the reader feel like they were reading the same thing over a few times. The book does get you tied up in a good mystery, which normally makes you want to know what happens sooner, but it was too slow moving and repetitive.


I would recommend this book for people who enjoy books with suspense, thrill, and curiosity. Also, anyone who likes a good read on adventure and mystery, this would be a book for you.

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Expert Reviews

“Henry has created not only a gripping mystery, but rich and detailed characters as well . . . The action starts right away, and does not stop until everything comes to a head at the end of the novel.” ―VOYA

“Henry realistically portrays these kids thrust into a real-life horror. Their doubts and fears, as well as their strengths, all ring true and teens will be able to identify with one of the protagonists . . . Give this series opener to fans of character-driven mysteries.” ―School Library Journal