Battle of Albemarle Sound

The Naval Battle of 1864

What was the Battle of Albemarle Sound?

The Battle of Albemarle Sound was a battle between the US, and the Confederate States. This battle took place along the coast of North Carolina in May of 1864 during the Civil War. And ended due to sunset.

Who won?

The victors of the battle was not decided and ended due to sunset.

What was the cause of the battle?

The reason of the Albemarle Sound Battle was so that the US could take back thier freedom from the Union.

The Fallen

During the battle of Albemarle Sound there was an estemated 88 casualties. With 33 deaths or injures on the US side and 57 deaths or injuries on the confederate side.

Commanders and Leaders

The commanders and leaders where very important people during the battle.

The US Commander/leader was Melancton Smith.

The Confederate States commander/leader was James W Cooke


Transportation used to and from the battle was large armed boats.

Medical Care

The medical care for soldiers was not the best in 1864 because doctors didn't understand the things we do today and more lives where lost than nessasary due to unsanitary conditions and infections.