Mrs. Boschen's Weekly News

September 8 - September 11, 2015

This Week's News

In math this week, we will continue to work on place value. Students are working on rounding and the many ways that we can represent numbers. This understanding will be important as we move forward with addition and subtraction strategies. We are also continuing to work on Math Fact Assessments, so please remember to practice facts daily as part of the homework assignment.

We have finished our novels and are wrapping up our discussion of characters from the novels. Then, students will each be selecting a realistic fiction novel in preparation for a book talk project which will be shared with the class next week. Students will also be conferencing with me to discuss their MAPS results and select goals for their reading work.

Finally, students will be selecting a famous American to research. As part of this research, they will be using their knowledge of citizenship to determine how that famous American demonstrated citizenship. Then, students will have the opportunity to select a product to create so that they can share their information.

Stride Academy

Students will once again have the opportunity to work with Stride Academy this year. Student login and password information was sent home on Friday. Stay tuned for more information as to how we will be using this program this year. In the meantime, students may certainly begin using it if they want to!