Rebel Without a Cause


Trait #1 Rebelling

Her boyfriend that the being Buzz is the school bad boy.

She smokes all the time and she stays out late

Trait #2 Flirtatious

She rubs dirt on Jim's hands after she had did it for her boyfriend Buzz.

She also kisses Jim the night her boyfriend died. She also told Jim that she loved him that same night.

#3 Upset/ Emotional Wreck

Judy shows she emotional wreck because she cries throughout the movie. He dad calls he a skank and she is really upset about that. After he calls her that she broke curfew and the police thought that she wanted company.

Has Judy Changed

I think that she has change from the begin of the movie. She starts of as stuck up but towards the end of the movie she revels that she just has family problems and all she wants is a nice man to treat her right. She has found that in Jim

Symbol- The Mansion

The mansion shows what the kids are missing in there own lives by playing house. Mainly Plato, he missing both of his parents and there is no one there. So they pretend that Judy and Jim were his parents to fill the gaps that are missing in his life.


I think is that the main lesson is that there is a happy median when it comes to strictness. When your parents are super strict you out them away from all the events of life but when you have rules of anything they do what they want and rebel like Plato.

Explain weather you think that buzz would have been a good guy if he wouldn't have died.

I think Buzz would of been a good guy. He showed that he had a nice side before Jim and Buzz he gotten into the car for the chickie run. He also said he liked Jim and i think if he would of survived he would of been nice to him any they would of been great friends.

Main Problems

Judy's main problem is that he father is not connecting with as she is growing up. She has started dressing different and putting making up on. She has started going out later and she is not dads little girl and he is still trying to hold her in witch really is pushing he away. Him holding back just makes her want to rebel even more and puts her in bad spots when it comes to making decisions. She is always going to choose the thing that he dad would not like.