States Dept

Since most of the war was fought in the state , Most south carolinians supported the assumption of state depts .

National Bank

One of the biggest controversies were that they created a national bank . The first political party had no formal nation organizations like later parties , and many people expected that parties would recede once the direction of the national government became more clearly defined .

French Revolution

During the French Revolution in 1789 , The federalists sided with the British to secure the trade mark . While the Democratic-Republicans supported the french overthrow of there king .

National Government

The federal government is the common of national government of a federation . Under the Articles of Confederation , the federal government faced many challenges in conducting foreign policy , largely die to its inability to pass or enforce laws that individual states found counter to there interest .

Alien And Sedition Acts

Federalists passed the Alien And Sedition Act , which were designed to silence and weaken te Democratic-Republican Party and to silence its newspaper . The Alien Of Sedition Acts was signed by president John Adams in 1798 . It was considered four laws passed by the federalists -controlled congress as america prepared for war in France .

War of 1812

The United States took on the greatest naval power in the world , Great Britain , would have an immense impact on the young countries future . The United States suffered many coastly defeats at the hands of British troops over the course of the war . The Treaty Of Ghent On February 17 , 1815 ended the war . The War of 1812 was also called the " Second War Of Independence"

National Leaders

The national leaders of the federalists was George washington and Alexander Hamilton . The Democratic-Republicans leaders were Thomas Jefferson and James Madison .


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