The Tennessee Valley Authority

Industry for the South

What can the TVA do for you?

The Tennessee Valley Authority was created in May of 1933.

It was formed to provide electricity to seven southern states, prevent flooding, and attract industry to the South.

The TVA will provide power to Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.

The TVA extended electircity to farmers who could not get it before. This led to new and improved farming techniques.

Although the TVA is a wonderful program that helped many people out of the Depression, it hurt some people. When they dam a river to make hydroelectric power, a reservoir has to be made. When these were made, people were kicked off of their farms to make a place for the artificial lakes. The government paid them, but they lost their homes.

The Norris Dam

The Norris Dam was made by damming the Clinch River. It created the Norris Lake, which extended all the way across Union County Tennessee.