Tanner Hess

Personality Prifile

Itrovert vs. Extrovert

46% extrovert and 54% introvert

All About Me

  • Friends with Conner K.
  • love soccer
  • love Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour
  • Last name Hess
  • 2 bros and a sis


listens, good, intelligent, supports others, a leader, organized........ not, shares every

Tuesday, July 17th 2001 at 4:30pm

w7324, Fish Drive, Oxford, Wi 53952

When I was little, I fell out of a wagon and hit my head on concrete. That explains the scar on my head.
I play soccer for the U-14 Montello team.
I'm AWESOME!!!!!
I was a Make - A - Wish child. Make - A - Wish is an organization that gives kids something they want and they take care of everything. I went to Florida for my wish. It was pretty fun. I was only 5 though.