Pamlico Sound

By: Karsyn Eichelberger

All About the Pamlico Sound

The Pamlico Sound is located on the eastern side of North Carolina and is in between the outer banks and the North Carolina shore. The Pamlico Sound and all other estuaries are important because they are perfect, protected environments for fish to reproduce. Estuaries also have a large food supply and keep fish safe when they are small. There aren't just fish that are found in estuaries, there are many more plants and animals such as, seabirds, crabs, clams, lobsters, sea rush, sea grass, and many, many more plants and animals can be found. For all of the nutrients the estuary needs to support all of the wildlife that it contains, it has to get nutrients from somewhere and where they get nutrients from is lakes, streams, etc. The Pamlico Sound get its nutrients from many rivers but a few of the main rivers are the Chowan, Roanoke, and Pamlico. Even though estuaries are really nice for wildlife, humans have made some huge changes to some of them by threatening them with fishing gear, pollution, and much more.

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