Beyond PowerPoint

Presentation Options That Will Impress (updated: Jan. 2017)

Did you know that PowerPoint is a 25-year-old technology?

It's true. Although it is still a favorite in school and in the business world, there's a lot more out there. And depending on what you need to present, there may be better and more impressive options. It's time to step out of your comfort zone and consider changing it up a bit. Take a look at some of the following and impress your audience. But remember, technology should only be a compliment to WHAT YOU SAY AND HOW YOU SAY IT. A flashy presentation is worthless if you are unprepared and don't know your stuff. So do your research, get organized and practice, practice, practice!

Slide-Type Presentations

Charts and Graphs

Charts, Newsletters, Timelines Etc.

Video Makers

A Word About Acquiring Images...

If you did not take, draw, create or paint the picture, you need to give attribution to the person or organization who did. Citations for images are just as important as they are for text. Give credit where credit is due! Some images are copyright protected but it can be difficult to know which ones are and which are not. The following links will take you to some sources for copyright free images for your presentations. (They should still be cited!)