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The first video is a lecture from Russel Foster. In this lecture Russel Foster talks about sleep and why sleep is so important. Russel Foster talks about how a good night sleep can increase good ideas, how we think, our health and much more else. if you are average person and live up to 90, you sleep 32 years of your life, many people don't sleep enough especially teenagers, and they wonder why they are so lazy. Russel Foster says that it is simply about sleep, sleep is one of the most important behavior that we do so we have to take it seriously. The brain doesn't shut down when you sleep, it is simply being charge that is why it is so important.

I chose this video because it is very interesting and important to our health, it relates to chiropractic because chiropractors want to increase your health and sleep is a good option to do that. If you get enough sleep your body works much better then if you don't sleep enough and that's a fact.

Joshua Walters is a comedian and is bipolar which means that he can think he is two persons at a time, he talks about him thinking he was Jesus Christ and how average persons would have to be on many drugs to really think that. But that's not really his point though, his point is that what is it to be crazy and have mental illness and why take medicine for mental illness when you are tired all the time instead of having mental illness and be really creative person and see what most people can't see, why take that away from you.

I chose this video because i think it is very interesting and he has a good point. Many famous artist have mental illness and maybe their mental illness is the reason that they are so creative. They don't think like other people,

Allan Jones is a brain scientist and has been working on making map of the brain. In this lecture he describes how such complicated thing is possible. He talks about taking brain out of people that are dead, his team only wants healthy brain from people that did not die with any brain injuries or people who had drug problems and also from people 20 - 60 years old.

First they freeze the brain and send it to a science lab, the science lab cuts the brain into many peaces and after that they take a sample of it, they cut the piece into very thin piece, almost as thin as a hair and then they send it to microscope. The microscope send the sample into computer and then the scientists can work with the sample and put all the samples into one giant peace which will then be a full sized brain. This project will help scientist all around the world understanding the brain much better and investigate how drugs works on the brain.

I chose this video because i think that this project is very important to discuss. The brain is one of the most important organ in our body and understanding it better can help so many doctors, Chiropractors, scientist and much more important people to understand it. Also there was very difficult grammar in the video so that helps me understanding English better.