CMS Winter Wonderland Dance

Friday, December 12th from 6-8pm

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The annual CMS Winter Dance is scheduled for Friday, 12/12 from 6 to 8pm. For the safety of our students, only CMS students will be allowed to attend. To be admitted to the dance, you simply need to bring a NEW unwrapped toy with a value of $5 or more. Toys will be donated to Toys for Tots, and 100% of those toys will stay right here in Commerce. If you don't have a new unwrapped toy, you may purchase a ticket at the door for $5 with 100% of the cash proceeds also going to our local Toys for Tots.

The dance will be held in the CMS cafeteria and foyer and will be chaperoned by CMS staff and parents.

How to Dress for the Dance

It is not necessary to go out and buy a new outfit for the dance. We simply ask that students wear school dress or better. Skirts cannot be more than 2 inches above the knee and tops must be appropriate. Tank tops and t-shirts of any kids are not allowed. Students that check in at the dance wearing inappropriate clothing may change and return, but they will not be allowed to stay.

Other Guidelines

  • There will be a concession stand for students that want to purchase drinks or snacks.
  • Once a student enters the dance, they will not be allowed to leave unless a parent or guardian picks them up. Students are not allowed to reenter after they leave.
  • The dance is only for CMS students. More the safety of our students and staff, guests are not allowed to attend.

WE WOULD LOVE IT IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CHAPERONE!!!!! If interested, click the following link.

If you would be willing to help chaperone, please click the following link and provide the necessary information.

Winter Wonderland Chaperone Sign Up