Energy Plan

Charlie Jordan, Jiyong Jang

Photosynthesis Plan

Photosynthesis is a plan that uses sunlight and carbon dioxide and water to make food and water. It is good becuse you only have to give waterand it will make food! The photosythesis is happened in cholopast which it uses cholophyll to do the job, only plants are needed to photosynthesis

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Respiration Plan

Respiration Plans is a plan which makes energy. It use food and oxygen to make energy and water. It is good because it makes high ATP energy which you can use it right now! the respiration is happened in mitochondria, everyone needs respiration.

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Photosynthesis and Respiration

Why Both?

Photosynthesis plan is a process that makes food and oxygen yet needs carbon dioxide and water. But respiration plan needs food and oxygen yet it makes water and carbondioxide. Buying both plans will be efficient than buying only one. If you buy both the organells will do the job by them selves. you will not have to do enything to get energy.