Bellevue East HAL Updates

October 2015

Greetings, Students!

Second quarter will fly by; make it count!

Below you will find tips to make the best of the remainder of the semester:

Start making a habit of using different strategies while studying. The Gifted Teen Survival Guide provides a variety of suggestions, check out some below:

  • Try changing your environment. Set up areas where you can alternate studying. Try reviewing a concept in different environments. Using different lighting or sitting in a different place can help your brain make different sensory connections to what you are studying.
  • Space out your study sessions. Don't cram! When you study over a longer period of time, you are able to absorb the material gradually and retain it longer. Each time you revisit content, you are making yourself relearn it and it will be more effective.

Juniors, your time has come!

The building HAL facilitators will begin meeting with you individually. Junior year is one of the most important years of your high school career. When we meet with you we will discuss your strengths, future goals, and ways in which we can support you while achieving those goals.

Seminar Information

Upcoming Seminars

Watch for information on upcoming seminars focusing on handling stress and strategies for studying. Engineering Ambassadors from UNL will also join us for a presentation in November. Details are forthcoming.

In case you missed it...

Seniors, we recently hosted a seminar focused on scholarships and college applications. Mrs. Toyne, our scholarship specialist, at East joined the conversation and provided some resources. If you missed it, stop in and visit with either Mr. Bossman or Mrs. Sailors for more information.

Extra Curricular Activities and Academic Competitions

As a high-ability learner, you likely have several interests and strengths to explore and hone. Academic competitions and extra curricular activities are facilitated by a variety of teachers throughout the building. Below you will find information pertaining to some academic competitions offered through Bellevue East.

UNL Math Day

Contact Mrs. Sailors if you are interested in participating in UNL Math Day; she is still looking for more to join the team. This competition will take place on November 19 during the school day.

Bellevue East HAL Services

Mr. Bossman, Room D19

Mrs. Sailors, Room E19

Megan Kinen, Room G12A

In addition to checking your BPS Gmail account, sign up for remind to catch the latest updates on high-ability learner services: text the message @imhal to 81010