Digital Citizenship

By Coree Lipovsky

Self-Image & Identity

  • Digital Citizenship - Navigating the digital world safely, responsibly, and ethically

  • Online Ethics - A set of principles and morals governing people's behavior as it relates to the internet and digital devices.

Digital media plays a huge role in the lives of middle and high schoolers. The 21st century is very technologically evolved. It is super important to use those electronics responsibly and respectfully. Technology is a great thing to have now, but you have to make sure you are using it how you should be.

Self Image and Identity

Digital Footprint & Reputation

  • Digital Footprint - all of the information about a person that can be found online

  • Consequence - The effect of something that happened earlier

When posting stuff online, you have to make sure you think before you post. The consequences from posting negative or inappropriate things online could greatly affect you in the long run. I would always say to think about whether or not your grandma would approve before you post something. Be responsible and project the image you want others to see.

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Your Digital Footprint

Relationships and Communication

  • Image - A representation of someone or something, such as a photo or drawing; the way someone or something is perceived by others

  • Double-Standard - Rule that is unfairly applied to different people or groups of people

The pros of meeting new people online are that you can use the people you meet online for educational purposes, like pen pals. You have to be careful of what information you put out there though. Some of the cons would be that there is someone who is faking to be someone else. You could be tricked or manipulated online.

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What Does Your Online Image Project About You?


  • Target - A person who is the object of an intentional action

  • Upstander - A person who supports and stands up for someone else

  • Bystander - A person who does nothing when they witness something happening

  • Offender - A person who has malicious intent to hurt or damage someone

It is always super important to be an upstander. Imagine if you were in the targets position. Would you want someone to stand up for you if you were getting picked on? It may be hard, but sometimes you have to stand up for someone who you care about or someone who needs help.

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