By: Ingrid


Have you ever heard of Sweden? if not you came to the Right place! Please pay attention!

usually women have there child around 30 years old. Also they call there people there Swedish. Now this is awesome did you know that the first telephone was made it Sweden? This is cool too the official name of Sweden is the kingdom of Sweden. this is wired,you can only leave a vacation if you are sick! that's not all. all most all Swedish people like Swedish people like the colour black.

Why they came + a recipe!

why the came + a recipe

Why they came

More people came to Sweden and they did't have enough food, water and land. Also they where getting there jobs taken away. And they wouldn't let them believe in the relations they wanted to believe in there own. People said that there land was so wondrous and beautiful. so everyone wanted to come.

Recipe. Swedish meetbals