Dracula Flyer

By: Karina Lopez, & Hanul Lee, 2nd Period

A Different Ending

In Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula, the ending was dry, in other words pretty boring. As we know, it ends with Jonathan slashing Dracula’s throat while Quincey stabs him through the heart which immediately kills Dracula and turns him into dust, leaving everyone at peace except for Quincey who also died. Seven years later Jonathan writes another letter in which he states how happily ever after everyone is. The ending should be far more dramatic in a novel like this one, what should have happened is that Dracula somehow manages to get away, and eventually completely takes over Mina's spirit, in which then she begs Jonathan to kill her leaving him to sink in his sorrow just like the other men over their beloved Lucy. And of course Dracula to continue on with his legacy of doing none other than taking away the innocents of people all around the world.

Interesting Characters; Reinfield, & the 3 Beautiful Women

Although they may have not had the most important roles in this novel, Renfield and the three beautiful women that “haunted” Jonathan while he stayed in the count's castle were definitely some of the most interesting characters in the story. Renfield was odd, and completely disgusting and that's what made him so intriguing. While reading the novel the actions that he took were a constant surprise and he never failed to leave a shocking impression, he was the definition of a psychopath and the fact that he would eat flies, and drink blood off of the floor took the story and his character to a whole new level. His role made the novel far more interesting and a reason to keep on reading. The three beautiful women also played an interesting part, they tried to seduce Jonathan in order to drink his blood multiple times, and they were a major part in the nightmare that Jonathan lived through while in Transylvania. Let's also not forget that they did kill a young boy which they then proceeded to drink his blood, this is wrong on so many levels.

Jonathan Harker

The lawyer that traveled to Transylvania to conclude a real estate transaction with Count Dracula, but turns out to be a prisoner in Dracula's castle. Jonathan Harker to me was a very interesting character because of the fact that all the other characters throughout this novel thought Harker wasn't a skilled person. Even though he had the least experience at fighting or hunting out of all the men, Jonathan was brave enough to be the first ones to stab Dracula.

The men in the novel felt bad and sorry for what happened to his wife, Mina, as being a victim of Dracula. While Harker says he would, in the privacy of his journal says that if it is necessary, that he would become a vampire himself out of his love for her. However, Harker manages to avoid that because along with Van Helsing and the others he manages to hunt down and destroy Dracula. After all, Harker played an important roll in the novel and was a very interesting character.

Dracula ( 1992 ) .....Johnathan Harker Shaving scene ( full )

Count Dracula

The first part of the novel, Dracula seemed impossible to be destroyed due to his powers. He has powers that some of which are beyond the powers of the other undead in the novel. He can command any animal and control the weather, he can become mist or elemental dust, he has super fast speed and strength, and he can transform himself into a bat or a wolf. With him having all these super powers it makes the novel very interesting because by the end of the novel he is destroyed.
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