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Friday, October 21, 2022

RES East Families,

Fall Break is here! Thank you to everyone that was able to participate in parent/teacher conferences! It has been a great first nine weeks! Students and staff have done a great job and have defiantly earned some time to rest and relax!

Red Ribbon Week was a great way to head into Fall Break! The staff and students had a great time dressing up and celebrating being drug free! Congratulations to Mrs. Zachery and Mr. Colvin on winning the staff dress up contest! Students loved getting to vote for their favorite costumes!

It is not too late to pay Chromebook insurance. If you would like to purchase this insurance, please contact Mrs. Connolly. This is a great way to avoid possibly costly repairs.

Please check your student's lunch balance. If you need information regarding Free/Reduced lunches, please contact RES East. We would be happy to help you complete the necessary forms!

Have a safe and enjoyable Fall Break! We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday, October 31st!

Have a great Fall Break and thank you for your support of RES East,

Erin Tilley

Principal, RESE

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PTG News

Interested in getting involved at RES? Use the following link to join the RES PTG! This is a great way to help support the staff and students at RES!


We are currently working on a Fall Fundraiser and details will be coming home soon!

PTG Committee Sign Ups!

Please complete the following form to indicate how you would like to help with PTG!

Thank you as always for your support!

Click on the link below to help!


Red Ribbon Week

Congratulations to Coaches Colvin and Zachery for winning the 2022 RESE Staff Halloween Costume Contest!

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Anti-Bullying Education

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Boys Basketball Schedule

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October 24-28: FALL BREAK

October 31: Star Lab

November 16: Picture Retakes

November 18: Girls Basketball Introduction @ Varsity Game

November 22: RESE Literacy DQ Night

What is a Bucket Filler?

RES East uses the Bucket Filling Program as our school wide positive reinforcement program.

This program operates under an easy concept: Everyone carries an invisible bucket that holds

our good thoughts and feelings. When our buckets are full, we feel happy and when our

buckets are empty, we feel sad. Students learn we can fill buckets when we do and say things

that are kind, considerate, caring and respectful. They also learn that when we are mean,

inconsiderate, uncaring or disrespectful, we dip into buckets and remove those good feelings.

Students can receive bucket fillers by any staff member for displaying positive behaviors and

tickets are placed in his/her grade level bucket. Every Friday, bucket fillers are drawn from each

bucket and announced on the announcements. Students receive a certificate, a brag tag as

well as a pass for a free treat at lunch. We then have a grand prize drawing in December and

May using ALL of the tickets collected throughout the year!

Encourage your student to be a bucket filler at school, at home and in our community! Talk to

your student about this program and ask them, “Have you filled a bucket today?”

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Homework Help

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Girl Scouts

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Youth Bowling

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Turkey Chase

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Homework Help

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Arrival and Dismissal Times 2022-2023

RES Arrival and Dismissal Schedule




7:45 Start Dismissal of Bus and Car Riders

7:50 Students are dismissed to classrooms

7:55 Breakfast will be served by cart in the classrooms


2:45: Club, LOMA, and Car Riders are dismissed.

3:00: Bus Dismissal begins

Wednesday (Early Release)


7:45 Start Dismissal of Bus and Car Riders

7:50 Students are dismissed to classrooms

7:55 Breakfast will be served by cart to classrooms


2:00: Club, LOMA, and Car Riders are dismissed.

2:15: Bus Dismissal Begins.


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Drop Off:

  • No Students are to be dropped off before 7:45. This is due to safety concerns for students and staff.

  1. Cars will come NORTH on Sexton from 16th Street..

  2. Turn RIGHT into the RES Parking Lot.

  3. There will be 5 lanes for drop off and they will be marked. We ask all preschool and Kindergarten families to use lane 1, which is by the sidewalk. 1st-6th grade students can use either Lane 2, 3, 4 or 5. Once you are in your lane proceed forward until stopped. A staff member will be at the end of the lanes to stop cars. Once all 5 lanes are stopped students may be let out on the passenger side. DO NOT LET STUDENTS EXIT CAR UNTIL DIRECTED BY STAFF. This will be done with handheld signs.

  4. Once students are on the sidewalk the front 5 cars will be released by the staff member and then the next 5 cars will pull up to release students.

  5. Once cars are released they will follow in a single file line to the back lane to exit the parking lot.

  6. At Sexton Street all cars will turn right to exit. DO NOT TURN LEFT. Cars will then proceed to Foster Heights.

If you arrive after 8:10 am and there are no staff members present, do not drop your child off. Bring them to the front of the building and drop them off at the Main Entrance.

Pick Up

  • Car Rider Pick up will begin at 2:45 except on Wednesday when it begins at 2:05

  1. Cars will come North from 16th Street and turn right into the RES parking lot.

  2. Go into the assigned lanes: Lane 1 Pre-School, Lane 2, 3, 4 and 5 for K-6 Students.

  3. Have your assigned number, will be given out the first day of school, displayed in the front window from rear view mirror.

  4. At the end of the lane you will be stopped by a staff member who will then call out students to enter cars.

  5. Once front 5 cars are finished they will be released by a staff member to exit the parking lot. Go to the back lane and go to the exit. All cars will turn RIGHT and go NORTH on Sexton.

Two-Hour Delay Information

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This is the time of year when we usually have a 2-hour delay due to fog. Please make sure you have a plan in place for when school is delayed or closed. A phone call is made usually around 5:45 am for closings and delays from the central office. Information will also be posted to Facebook and Twitter.

If school is delayed for 2 hours it means school would begin at 10:15. For example if your child is picked up by the bus at 7:15 am they would be picked up at 9:15 am.

This is another reason why we appreciate you updating phone numbers and emails in the Harmony system if they change. This is how all communication is sent.

Early Student Pick Up

Parents needing pick up a student at 2:15 or later can't pick up in front parking lot due to buses. On Wednesday this time will be 1:45. You will have to be in back car line or make prior arrangements. Please do not use the front lot after 2:15 or on Wednesday's 1:45.

Thank you

Extra Change of Clothing

This year we are not able to have clothes returned that are given to students when they have an accident or spill something on themselves. Our clothes closet is getting a bit bare. If you can, please send a change of clothes with your child in a bag that can be left in his/her cubbie. This way we have the size needed and do not have to call if we need a change of clothes to be brought to school.

Thank you