Spaulding Middle News & Events

"A School of Excellence"

Principal's Message

Another great week in TigerLand! The excitement can be felt all around the building. The end is here! We made it, we did it, and we survived! Thanks to everyone for a great school year.

Big Kudos to Coach Brown and Mrs. Henderson for teaching both 8th and 9th grade standards to our 8th grade Algebra I and English I students. All of our students enrolled in both High school courses successfully passed the 2016 End of Course Exams (100% passage). We are very proud of our students and are especially happy to brag on the amount of A's and 100's this year! Excellence in Action! We are hashing out plans to add another high school course next year. (Computer Applications)

As discussed in our last faculty meeting, we will continue to provide instruction up until the very last day of school. Our focus this week will be on Life and Career Characteristics which are necessary for the Profile of the SC Graduate. Ms. Taylor will provide everyone with plans to implement a full week of activities to address a few of these characteristics. This will be done both before and after our various activities and all morning on Thursday.

Please feel free to wear jeans and dress in comfortable attire for field day on Tuesday and as you work in your classroom the rest of the week.

Enjoy your last days with your students~

Mrs. Jones



Our Final Awards Program is scheduled for 2:00pm on Monday. Please escort your class (6th period) when called. Also, please be sure to speak with your students in reference to expected behavior during the program.

Let's Celebrate!

We will have our Annual "Field Day " on Tuesday to celebrate another successful year at SMS. Coach King has sent out a sign- up sheet for the various field events. Please be sure to turn in the form to him for his planning.

Got Talent?

On Wednesday, our very own Student Council will host a Talent Show. We have a lot of talent at SMS and the students are ready and willing to showcase their skills. I had a chance to preview some of the performances and I can tell you that you will be in for a real treat!