Case Erskine's This is Who I am.

An eye for eye ends up making the whole world blind - Gandhi

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My interests

Some places I am intersted in working at are

  • an office
  • a hospitial
  • a different place everyday
  • or an ambulance dispatch

I have a realistic sense of self esteem

I like to work with:

  • people
  • adults
  • tools
  • and vechicles

My Career as a Security Guard

On the Job:

  • apply appropriate physical restraint.
  • use oral or written communication techniques.
  • communicate details in protective services settings.
  • enforce laws, ordinances, or regulations

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Median wages

$23,970 annual

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Employment Outlook for Security Guards

2010 2020 Number Percent

U S 1,035,700 1,230,700 195,000 18.8%

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Cluster,Schedule,and Environment

My cluster is Law, Public Safety,Corrections, and Security.

For my schedule I couldn't find anything.

For my schedule I could not find anything

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Something intersting about my career is that most security gaurds get some sort of vechicle for patrols.

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How I Will Get There

In order to get to be a security guard I plan on taking a security sciences course from Stratford Career Instute

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