Holloway High School House System

It Takes Hands to Build a House, but Only Hearts can Build a Home...

What is the House System?

"Holloway High School's goal is to graduate productive citizens with the potential to pursue their desired career path."


Every students, teachers, and staff member in the school will belong to a house. Houses are like Teams, where everyone belongs and everyone participates. Members of each house work together to compete again other houses in areas of:



School spirit

Community Service


The goal of the house system is to provide an opportunity for students and faculty to interact across grade levels. In doing so, the school community will benefit from positive peer pressure, increased school spirit, and healthy competition.


  1. To increase institutional and peer-to-peer support for each student

  2. To ensure individual care for each student with at least two adults who will monitor and support the academic, social, moral, and behavioral growth for each HHS student

  3. To multiply occasions to build strong, healthy student relationships

  4. To develop leadership skills in every student

  5. To enhance recruitment of new students

  6. To maintain relationships with HHS Graduates

House Ceremony for Teachers May 24th!!!

Welcome to the Ron Clark Academy