Secondary Spotlight

February 1, 2016


Happy February! I want to thank each of you for sharing your data this past week at site data meetings. Everyone will receive site data follow ups from Dr. Cooper. There will also be an Excel attachment that includes 3 tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Please make sure to address each tab, paying close attention to your self- monitoring tab. Add what you have done to address each of the self- monitoring goals that your school has.

As you begin to reflect and discuss next steps with you school, have you stretched first? Remember, it is not a race to see who finishes first. The race is the one you have marked out for your school, and the way you finish is determined by the course your run.

  • STRETCH first- know your data and ensure your teachers know theirs as well. what does it tell you and your faculty?
  • Take your mark - What is your (SMART) goal and how are you and your team planning on achieving it?
  • Run the pace that will be a PR for your students by getting input from your leadership team.
  • Review with your team the school's SMART goals, the department's SMART goals and the site data. Ask questions such as: are we where we wanted to be at this time of the school year? Yes or No- always ask Why.
  • Identify what is going well (and celebrate).
  • Identify what needs to be tweaked and discuss why and how.
  • Look ahead, ask your leadership team to lead, identify teacher leaders to share strategies, ask for support from secondary, call you feeder schools and schedule vertical meetings.
  • Take the next step, but always STRETCH first. Planning is the key to success.

Begin with the end in mind!

Reminders and Update

Grades and I Now- please make sure that teachers are entering grades on a weekly basis. I have received a couple of calls stating concerns about accurate grades in I Now and that grades are not updated regularly. Please remind teachers of this expectation.

February 1- TOT meeting at Redstone ( there will not be a principal meeting on Tuesday)

February 2- Site data reflections due to Dr. Cooper and cc your DOI please

February 5- (High school )CCR benchmarks- please make sure you reviewed the information in the portal for cohort 2014-2015. Thanks to principals and/ or APs for attending the meeting this past week. Thank you to Shelton Cobb for providing additional information regarding CCR.

*** Keytrain- if you have career tech teachers who have not received training, please let Shelton Cobb know. Keytrain is the software that is used to prepare students to take the Work Keys test (given to all seniors). Career tech teachers were trained on this last year and should be using this with students.

*** High school principals- please ensure that your seniors have benchmarked on one of the CCR areas.

February 8- Progress reports go home

February 12- Department and Teacher Growth Plans due (Finley's schools)

Upcoming Events

February- African American History Month

February 1- ACCESS window opens

February 1-5 National School Counselor Week

February 1- Principals' Meeting

February 4- Board Meeting

February 5- CCR Benchmarks updates due - refer to the ALSDE memo

February 8- Progress reports go home

February 9- i Register Planning Session 3:30 HHS Freshman Academy;

ACT WORK KEYS for 12th grade

February 9- Honors/ AP presentation at James A.Lane Boys and Girls Club; 6:00 PM- District AP Ambassadors will share their AP stories- all high school principals are encouraged to attend.

February 12- Department and Teacher Growth Plans due; BUILT IN SNOW DAY- possibly no school; Probationary Reviews due to your DOI.

- Middle School Round table lunch - 11:00 AM at (majority rules)

1. Rosie's on South Parkway

2. Cracker Barrel on Drake

3. Gibson's BBQ

- other ideas accepted. We need a restaurant that will serve a large table.

February 15- BUILT IN SNOW DAY- possibly no school

(High school principal round table breakfast- please let me know if this date works for you).

February 17- HIGH SCHOOLS- LIFE PE Waivers due to Secondary Programs- if you are uncertain if your waivers have expired or will expire, please contact Latasha.

February 18th- Board meeting

February 23, 25 - FAFSA nights at Johnson and HHS

February 24- Graduation Planning meeting with principals and senior counselors, 2:30-3:30 - Merts

February 27 - i Register for rising 6th through 12th grade- VBS 10:00-2:00

Secondary Programs Corner: ALSDE curriculum and instruction updates

SDE Curriculum and Instruction meeting was held this past week. The discussion centered around:

1. Dyslexia- this will not be a SPED piece. This will be a PST piece. I have attached reference materials. We are still learning about this from the SDE.

2. New Science COS- will be implemented next school year. Beth Keller has been attending these curriculum meetings. She will coordinate a meeting with teachers regarding the updates.

3. Credit recovery - LEA will develop procedures for this.

4. Credit acceleration- it was discussed that this might not be recognized by the NCAA. PLEASE share with your leadership team.

5. Dual Enrollment- the state gave updates. However, HCS has a dual enrollment procedures in place to ensure that courses are not in conflict with the magnet program.

National School Counselors Week is this week!

Let's remember to give a special thanks to our school counselors this week for all they do for our students each and every day!
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