Lexington Middle School

Weekly Bulletin

A few notes

"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet." - Aristotle

For those of you that are starting to feel "sore" from all the hard work, keep this quote in mind. Teaching is a lot like exercise...if you look in the mirror daily, you may not see many changes. However, reflect on education as a before and after picture...it is then that we will see the hard work pay off.

Homecoming week was fantastic. The week was full of positive feelings, let's keep that attitude for our students and ourselves as the weeks move on.

Here are a few things that are FYI:

-Thank you for the wonderful Bosses Day meal and gifts. It meant a lot and I can't thank you enough.

- We don't have many staff PIE members this year. I am joining next week and I encourage you to do the same. These parents work hard for us, let's reciprocate that feeling.

- I take responsibility for the mess up on Friday's schedule. Sorry for any inconvenience or irritation it caused.

- Don't let the students get "confused" about the dress code this week since we just had a week of costumes.

- Rick Kutcher and Ian Young have been doing an outstanding job with growing and improving our band. Make sure you take time to recognize them and the students effort.

- Coach Kimball has been growing and improving the LMS cross country team...kudos to her!

- If you haven't taken notice yet...Joe Reynolds has been building a pretty solid OAP group. Let him know you appreciate him!


Mon- 10/19

Dept. Head meeting 3:40

VB vs Hearne 4:30

Tues - 10/20

CEIC Meeting 3:40

Wed - 10/21

Lots of Learning

Thurs - 10/22

Student of Excellence Elections - 8th only

Student of the Week Elections - All Grades

Fri - 10/23


Other important dates:

Oct 26-30 Red Ribbon Week

Oct 26 DEIC Meeting

Oct 30 - Eduhero Training Due - 2nd round

Nov 4 - Faculty meeting

Nov 11 - Veterans Day Program

Staff Birthdays October

Mary Goff 10/3

Heather Garrison 10/6

Vicki Martin 10/19

Heather Halvorson 10/24

Candice Weiser 10/30


1. If you are going to miss duty, you are responsible to find a replacement.

2. Lesson Plans Due Monday by 8:00 AM.

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