Terry's Talking Drums

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The talking drum comes from the West Africa. The drums were used as a communication tool between members of tribes and other towns. Also the drums were used as a warning system between tribes because of invading slave traders. The most obvious use was for music at celebrations and rituals.

Cultural Significance

The talking drum is extremely significant to the culture of West Africa and the Ghana region. The talking drum allowed for the communication between people and brought people closer together with the sounds that it made.

Construction of the Talking Drum

The talking drum is a double-headed, hourglass-shaped drum. It is carved from a single piece of wood and topped with goatskin. They are equipped with leather cords that can be used to adjust the tones. Also, bells and a circle of beeswax on the drum heads produce even more musical variation.


Here at Terry's Talking Drums, we capture the original construction of the drums. 100% authentic!! The sounds that our drums make are crisp and sound like you are in a ritual of a West African tribe.