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The Hunger Games - Agency Wars


Hey, SAYS has grown to what it is today thanks to your support!

Our team are going on a road trip and we thought - why not invite our loyal partners and friends to get to know you better and to say thank you

In typical SAYS fashion, we are going to make it an experience that you won't soon forget. Pack your bags and mark your calendar; we're going to IPOH!

Hunger Games - Agency Wars

Saturday, Nov. 10th 2012 at 7am to Monday, Dec. 10th 2012 at 6pm

Ipoh Perak Malaysia

Ipoh, Perak

20 Soul-jahs; 4 teams, There can only be ONE!

Battle Plan


0700 - Leave for Ipoh

0900 - Dim Sum - Ming Court Restaurant

1030 - Ipoh's Limestone Hills - Sam Poh Tong

1330 - Lunch @ Original Vanggey - Nasi Kandar Ipoh

1430 - Funny Mountain; Biscuits & Pomelo's

1700 -

1900 - Ipoh Famous 'Nga Choi Kai'

2100 - Adjourn to Secret Resort + Battleground


0800 - Breakfast

1000 - WAR!

0500 - Back to the Rat race (KL)

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