Clear Creek Library Newsletter

February 2014

Clear Creek students dig deeper as they explore the Civil Rights Movement

Dear Parents,

With this year being the 50th anniversary of some of the most important events in the history of African Americans, the focus of many of our magazines this month, such as Appleseeds and Kids Discover, pay tribute to the struggles of African Americans, and in particular to the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s. What I find most striking, is the role children played in these non-violent protests against segregation and discrimination. Over the next couple of weeks, many classes will be digging deeper as they read through the various articles and text features in these two magazines. Fourth and fifth grade students will be creating posters displaying their thinking about a particular article.

While there is a lot of painful history in our past, there is a lot of inspiring change too. It is important for children to know about both. As we celebrate the struggles and bravery of individuals of the Civil Rights Movement, it gives me the opportunity to remind students of the need for respect, both to each another and to adults. Our students know to treat people right and to do the right thing in their daily lives at school. Valuing each individual's life experiences is important in developing a caring and supportive educational environment where everyone can be at their best. Since the library is the heart of the school, we will be reviewing library expectations this month as we celebrate tolerance, diversity and our own uniqueness.

The Library Expectations are as follow:

  • Respect yourself and others
  • Follow procedures
  • Be responsible
  • Do your personal best

The consequences for not following library expectations and procedures are as follow:

  • Verbal or non-verbal warning from Mrs. Stoltz
  • Move to the safe place to reflect on in-appropriate behavior
  • Mark in the Weekly Classroom Behavior Chart.

For me, the library is a window to the world. This past year, I have love sharing stories and working with your children. I have always enjoyed being surrounded by the innocence and imagination of kids. My goal, as librarian, is to continue to meet the needs of your children and to assist them as they become lifelong learners.


Mrs. Stoltz, LMS