Solar System Exploration

Jade Poulson

PRE- 1900


Name- Galileo Galilei

DOB- 15th February 1564

DOD- 8th January 1642


Physicist, Mathematician, Astrologer, Astronomer and Scientist

Main Discovery

Moons of Jupiter ( Callisto, Galilean, Europa, lo and Ganymede)

Date of discovery- 1990s

Technologies used- telescope, mirrors and magnifine glass

Contributions to knowledge

He discovered all the infomation about jupiter's moons and help everyone with math knowledge and i hope he has tort you something.

POST 1900

Apollo 17

Date- 1972


To collect rock samples and conducted experiments while Evans orbited in the command module

Technologies used

Space suits, Rover, Main spaceship part, Boosters, Telescope and The Dish

Additional information

The mission took 12 days to complete, it was a j-type mission. It was the 6th landing for the Apollo. The crew that went were Eugene Cernan, Harrison Schimitt and Ronald Evans. Evans flew on the mission