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Henderson Weekly Newsletter

January 11, 2016

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. - Neal Donald Walsch

Commit to Excellence

I shared about my trip but didn't share some of the obstacles we endured to get to Mexico. We left in plenty of time to park and go through security. I went to the parking spot that I always use and the lot was full. I went to another and another. They were all full and were turning several cars away. I went to the airport garages and they were also full. MY heart was racing. I drove to a couple of hotels but their lots were full. I pulled into a spot at a Hampton Inn. I walked into the lobby and there was no one there but a cab driver looking for a fare. I told the driver to wait and went ahead and left my car and loaded up the cab. Wow! What a lesson I thought. I have never had to make reservations at a lot before. Note to self, make reservations next time!! I was able to contact the hotel to make sure my car was not towed and we made our flight just fine. My sister and father however, suffered through 2 cancelled flights and didn't arrive until a day and a half after the rest of us. My situation could have been averted, theirs was totally out of their control. I walked away with a couple of thoughts.

  • Planning for all of those little details is important!
  • How we respond to situations can make all of the difference in the world! Sometimes how we respond is the only thing we have control over!

I love seeing the goals and resolutions around the building. A new year is a fresh start and the overarching goals and resolutions are a great way to begin this year. The next step is drilling down to those individual goals that are academic in nature or support academics and have students chart or graph their progress. Please refer to the information that was shared by Mrs. Miller on January 4th. Please bring examples of individual student goal setting to PLC on January 20th.


Thank you to everyone for a wonderful week back to school. Kids were so excited to see you all and you welcomed them with warm smiles and big hugs.

Thank you for being such a caring staff. As we know Linda is going through her own battle right now. Many of you are in a battle of your own as well. It makes my heart warm to see how caring and considerate you are of each other. You continue to support and lift each other up. You are what makes Henderson so special!

Lock Down Drill

We will have an unannounced drill in the spring. Please remember to...

Keep classroom doors locked.

Hide students away from view.

Turn lights out and close blinds

Be ready to fight

Barricade your door (desks chairs shelves in front or tie)

Please take a few minutes to watch this video.

CareerSafe School Active Shooter Safety Video:


Peer Mediation

Please push peer mediation. We have trained students and staff to handle conflicts that are not being resolved through your efforts. Please contact Mrs. Rhodes if you need more information or would like to schedule one.

Math Planning Collaboratives

Math planning collaboratives are back! These learning events begin Tuesday, January 12th. Please see the invite for further information. We are asking that teachers RSVP to the person(s) located at the bottom of the invite. We look forward to having your math planners join in these learning events!

Universal Screeners for Math/Interventions

Universal Screeners for Math

It's screener time again! Below are the dates for K-5 MOY screeners. The dates were purposefully selected to reduce interruptions in daily lessons and unit instruction.

K TEMI - Jan. 19-21

1st TEMI - Feb. 1-3

2nd TEMI - Jan. 11-13

3rd ESTAR - Jan. 19-20

4th ESTAR - Jan. 14-15

5th MSTAR - Jan. 12-13


The following links will direct you to important intervention resources provided by the Meadow Center's Mathematics Institute for Learning Disabilities and Difficulties. Math coaches are aware of these and can help with this resource. Please use these interventions with students who are struggling.

TEMI Intervention Lessons http://3tiermathmodel.org/

ESTAR Intervention Lessons http://projectsharetexas.org/resource/estar-ii-intervention-modules

MSTAR Intervention Lessons http://www.meadowscenter.org/institutes/mstar/mathematics-institute/mstar-intervention-equivalent-fractions/welcome


  • The book fair and parent night have been changed to the week of the 16-19th. Please adjust accordingly. Parent night/performance and art show will be on the 16th.
  • Please review hallway and restroom expectations with students.
  • Teachers with bus duty need to walk all grade level students together to the cafeteria in an orderly fashion. Please stay with students until they have been loaded on the buses.
  • The next Platicas meeting for elementary bilingual and ESL teachers is February 1st.
  • Focused Finish each Tuesday at the end of the day!
  • Students MUST have a note to change transportation home. They cannot "tell" you. A parent must send a note. Parents can email the office to change transportation as well. They should NOT text.

Mark Your Calendar!


12 Spelling Bee 9:00am

HIP Meeting 4:00pm

PTO Meeting 6:00pm

13 Faculty Meeting-RtI

14th Freddy's Profit Share

15 Awards

20 Faculty Meeting

22 National Reading Day-Curl up and read!

27 Faculty Meeting

30 Erin's Lanyards (KKids)


2 Faculty Meeting

8-12 Book Fair

9 4th Writing/5th Math Benchmarks

PTO Meeting

10 5th Reading Benchmark

Faculty Meeting

12 Valentine's Parties (All parties will be at 2:30pm except 1st grade will be at 1:45pm)

15 TE Day

16-19 Book Fair

16 Spring Pictures

Parent Prep Academy/2nd Grade Program/2nd Grade Art Show

17 Faculty Meeting