Russia and the Western Republics

Section 1

By April & Belle

Historical Events

1613 - The Romanian dynasty of czars begins

1652 - Nikon becomes head of the Russian

1682 - Peter the Great becomes czar of Russia

1812 - French general Napoleon retreats

1861 - Alexander the second issues an order to free Russian serfs

1917 - Russian Revelation occurs

1922 - Russia becomes part of the Soviet Union

1991 - The Soviet Union falls & Russia becomes independent

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Important People

Peter the Great ruled the Russian Empire.

Alexander the second issues an order freeing all Russian serfs (peasants held in servitude.)

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they have a communist government and a federal republic.
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Russia has a wide ethnicity group, the largest of the different republics there.

Religion and art are closely related in Russia and the Western republics.

The art and architecture of Orthodox Christian churches, for example, are among the region's earliest artistic achievements.

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Russia has a high-income mixed economy with state ownership in strategic areas of the economy. Market reforms in the 1990s privatized much of Russian industry and agriculture, with notable exceptions in the energy and defense-related sectors.
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