2015 review

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3 compaines that marketed thier companies the best

1.Apple: in the year 2015 apple was very sussceful in creating many new things but one of their best selled items was the Iphone 6+ . With their new enhacments and technology they had created a cell phone that not only everyone wanted, everyone thought they needed. With the cellphones new colors it made it more apeeling to more people and with a bigger screen more people wanted it.

2. Victorias Secret Pink in 2015 had a great year in 2015. This Fashion store is very popular with its comfortable yet fashionable clothing . In 2015 they had many sales that helped them become one of the most popular clothing stores.

3. Nike: Nike is known for its clothing, shoes and accessories , this making them very popular. Many famous people have been wearing nike and promoting it, this helps the company a lot . 2015 was the year for nike.

2 best products of 2015

Apple Iphone 6s


2 worst products of 2015

1. Crocs

2. Shoe jordans

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Top movies and how they were marked

1. San Adreas : is an action movie about the distruction of the world through earthquakes. This action packed movie can be for all age groups and it is a good movie for teenagers . Its great and it will keep you on the edge of your seat because you will never know whats going to happened. Staring the Rock who is a great actor
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The perfect guy

This great movie was made in 2015 and it was one of the best movies made during this year. This action packed loved story with a crazy jelous ex boyfriend gets your attention and keeps you off your seat during the whole movie. It kept you intersted and had many great actors. Its a thrilling 90 mintues that wont loose your interest.

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Top Music Artisit of 2015

1.It was the year of Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber has made a huge come back with his new realse of his great album release' Purpose". The album is one of his best, he has hit the number one charts on ITunes. All around the world people are listening to Justin. Justin makes a lot of apperences on the ellen show and he is aware of his mistakes and works on becoming a better person with the help of his fans. Things are looking up for the pop star .

2 . Selena Gomez, Actor and Singer has had a take off in her career , with singing and having many albums drop for her many people started listening to her music. Selena also had a music video with all the Victoria Secret Angeles . She also started to model for the company getting many peoples attention. Justin Bieber and Selena also had a little fling in the middle of the year making both of their fans very happy .

Top Songs of 2015


1. Hello - Adele

2. Sorry Justin Bieber

3.What do you mean- Justin Bieber

4.Hotline BLing- Drake

5. Jumpman -drake

6. Cant keep my hands to myself- Selena Gomez

New Years Resultion

To stay focused and get work done quicker

To also spend time with my family more.