3rd Grade Tenacity Week 12

November 11th-14th

Field Trip to Miraflores Locks

Monday the students will have a chance to visit the Miraflores Locks as part of the Panama Cultural Week. Please see the MET Weekly for more information on the exciting events taking place on and off campus this coming week for Panama Cultural Week.

Swimming Starts Wednesday, November 26th

Our first swimming class will begin the week after next. The following is important information about Wednesdays, when the Tenacity students will need to be prepared for this class.

The materials needed are:

For girls: one piece swimsuit, swimming cap, swimming goggles, and earplugs. (Especially if they have previously suffered from an ear infection or have other ear related concerns).

For boys: spandex swimsuit, swim cap (in the case of having long hair), swimming goggles (avoid using very long pants and shirts, because they cause resistance and make swimming harder).

For both boys and girls, they should come to school with their PE clothes on, with their running shoes and should wear the swimsuit under their clothes. They also should bring a fresh change of underwear, a towel, sunblock, and a plastic bag (to carry their wet clothes back home in).

If your child needs to be exempt from a swimming lesson, they must bring a medical certificate detailing the reason of their absence. Please be aware that swimming lessons are not optional.

Major Homework Changes

In an effort to foster more responsibility on the students part, I am making some major changes to how I have been doing homework. As a general rule, every week I will be expecting them to practice Math on Mathletics and reading on Raz-Kids (either on their iPads or on a home computer) . To make the goal more achievable, I am assigning 1,000 stars or points per week for both Reading and Math. In addition, they will keep record of assignments in a smaller, more personalized homework diary. All papers related to homework will be kept in their binders. I have been encouraging them to take them to and from school everyday so that you can see what they are working on as well, so they have a place to keep their work. Homework will be recorded everyday and unless otherwise indicated, will always be due on Friday. The exception to this is readings that may need to be done for the next day's lesson OR unfinished class work. Please try to get in the habit of checking for homework every night. Regardless of what they say, they will benefit from daily Math and Reading practice.

I am also wanting to keep them a little more accountable for unfinished work. Should a student not complete an assignment and hand it in on the day it is due, they will receive a yellow "Oops" slip. I will always staple this to the inside of their homework diary. The missing assignment should be completed and a parent should sign it. I will remove it from the homework diary when the assignment has been completed.

Week 12

It was great to be back together this week after such a long holiday. Among some of the things we did, we started reading a new book "Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH," we took a good look at place value in Mathematics and the students have been taking a much closer look at the Earth and reasons why life is sustained here. This coming week we will be ending this unit and the children will receive information about what will be expected for the summative assessment. Please look for details in their homework diaries.