Junior Kindergarten Class News

Learning in Mrs. Hannan's Jr.K 1

Our Arctic Unit

January was a busy month in Junior Kindergarten as we enjoy our very exciting, informative, and highly interactive Arctic Unit. We have been so busy reading stories, writing sentences, creating projects, and much, much, more! We have learned about the icebergs, Northern Lights, Eskimos, and animals found in the Arctic.

Cool Creations

In order to truly understand how cold it is in the Arctic, we painted igloos using real ice cubes and dry tempera paint and used colored ice cubes to paint the Northern Lights. We even pretended to be Eskimos building a "marshmallow igloo" from the ground up just like real Eskimos build their igloos using blocks of ice and snow!

Arctic Literature

After reading several fiction and non-fiction books about the Arctic, students made their very own "Arctic Booklets, created their own Arctic scenes, and wrote sentences about the Arctic using two-finger spacing

Hands On Mathematics and Reading Readiness

In addition to learning all about the Arctic, Junior K. students have been learning to recognize the numbers one to twenty by going on Miss Missy's number walk, counting coins, and creating four-color and four-object patterns. Mrs. Hannan helps the children get ready to read by reviewing beginning letter sounds and sight words.

What's In Store for February

In February, Jr.K 1 students will celebrate Groundhog Day, complete their Arctic Unit by learning all about Arctic animals, and conducting a science experiment to find out whether blubber really does keep Arctic animals warm. We will discuss our country and symbols of our country, create a flag page in our class journals, make special homemade treats for Washington's and Lincoln's birthday!