Rocks and Minerals Project

Definition of Rocks and Minerals

People in the world use Rocks in Minerals every single day because rocks and minerals are everywhere and people mine rocks and minerals everyday.
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Four characteristics of minerals


  1. Forms in nature
  2. Solid
  3. Chemical Makeup
  4. Crystal Structure

Three characteristics of a rock


  1. Solid
  2. More than one type of mineral
  3. Rough

15 examples of rocks and minerals

  1. Copper- Helps make materials that are helpful to people. ( example can opener)
  2. Hematite- This is holds like iron and is wide.( example refrigerator)
  3. Silver- This is used for many materials and electronics in your house. ( example phone)
  4. Graphite- This is also used in many things because it can help power things and it is a little strong. ( example batteries)
  5. Quartz- This is a mineral that has very many different colors and helps keep the time of objects.( example watch or alarm clock.
  6. Chromite- This is a form of steel also this mineral is one of the minerals that has separated from the cooling magma.( example trashcan)
  7. Sphalerite- This is a mineral that has luster and cleavage. Also this mineral has various different colors. ( example towel)
  8. Zincite- This is a mineral that is red and has a yellow streak. ( example sunscreen)
  9. Talc- This is a mineral that is soft and greasy.( example table top or lipstick)
  10. Gold- This is a mineral that is malleable and also has a high density. ( example Mirror)
  11. Sulfur- This mineral has a yellow color and a very strong smell. The use this for craters on a volcano. ( example carpet)
  12. Kaolinite- This is a mineral that can be formed by weathering. Also this mineral makes special products.( example bricks for fireplaces)
  13. Pentlandite- This mineral is used to make things that need Nickel.( example steel)
  14. Cassiterite- This mineral can be found on an island also their is a use of tin in this mineral. ( example clock radio)
  15. Apatite- This is the most common mineral. These are all different types of rocks. ( example toothpaste)

How rocks and minerals impact the daily lives of humans?

Rocks and minerals are everywhere some people use rocks and minerals to mine so that they can find gold also some people mine so that they create products. There are products and materials at school that are made from rocks and minerals like tables, desks and computers. We use rocks and minerals everyday.