Ceratherum simun


Domain Eukarya All living Organisms that have a nucleus or are multicellular and single celled organisms

Kingdom Animalia There are 9 to 10 million different multicellular organisms in this

kingdom also animals normally reproduce sexually

Phylum Chordata All animals in Phylum Chordata have bilateral symmetry also complete digestive system.

Subphylum Vertabrata has a heart with two or more chambers and has a notochord or chief stiffener that supports the spine Also has ability to expel waste out of the abdomen

Class Mammalia Has mammary glands, and production of milk, and sweat.

Order Perrisodactyla Has at least 44 cheek teeth some species have horns like Rhinoceros its interior pat of skull is elongated.

Family Rhinocerotidae This family of rhinoceros tends to be more aggressive than Asian rhinoceros.

Genus This includes the rhinoceros.

Species Ceratherum simun


Physical adaptations

Some physical adaptations of the white rhinoceros is the horns. It can used its horns for defense and attack. Another adaptation is the skin on the rhino. the skin is folded over and acts like armor plates on its side these help it protects itself from animals and other rhinos. Another adaptation is the rhino uses its bottom lip to eat plants. Also it uses its gray skin to blend into rocky terrain. Rhinos have bad eyesight but have keen sense of smell and hearing to help track other animals in other words hear and smell were they are.

Behavioral adaptations

The rhino will charge if they feel threatened or if hunting. Also they reproduce sexually to create offspring and helps keep population up. Another adaptation is that they eat a lot of plants and sometimes meat they eat meat to because they need protein too. They normally sit in mud for hours to cool themselves down also to keep the fly's away. Another adaptation is that they also mark their territory by urinating on it. Normally feed at night. This helps it because when feeding on plants it is much quieter than eating meat.


Weight Can weigh up to 2-tons

Lifespan Can live up to 50 years old

Diet Will eat a lot of plants but sometimes meat

Length Can get up to 2-4 meters long

Height can get up to 3 to 4 feet tall maybe taller depending on weight

Senses the White Rhino has poor eyesight but good sense of smell and hearing

Color the rhino normally is a gray whitish color

Range from south Africa up to the horn of Africa

Predators and Prey

Normally hunted by humans for their horns by humans (us). Also are hunted by lions for their meat. Normally they eat leaves in their diet and use their bottom lip to eat plants easier. Normally rhinos will eat meat once in a while but don't have a specific target or prey.


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