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IOS 10 update!

We are currently testing the compatibility of our AAC apps on the iPad. We want to make sure that all apps are working well before you update your students iPads to IOS 10. We will let you know when to perform the update. Stay tuned....

New Request Tracking System

To better serve our customers, the Oakland Schools Materials Center has implemented a new request tracking system. You can now ask questions, report equipment problems and track the status of your repairs through our new online ticket system. The new system allows you to create help desk requests through the Customer Portal, create and comment on requests via email, and add comments and attachments to requests.

Access the site at: https://servicedesk.oakland.k12.mi.us/osmc. Note the “/osmc” at the end of the address.

If you have any questions you can always call the Materials Center directly at (248)209-2381.

Instructions for the request tracking system -- LOGIN TO YOUR ACCOUNT:

To log in, your Username will be your email address. If you are at Oakland Schools or are one of our field service districts,your account is automatically set up and your password will be the same password you use to log into your workstation in

your district. For all other users, you can create a new account by clicking Sign up for an account

LOGIN: Username: Enter Email address

Enter Password

Click Log in

Don’t have a login?

Click Sign up for an account

Enter Email address

Enter Password

Enter Full Name

Click Sign Up


There are three ways to contact the Materials Center for support:

1. Log into the service desk system to create a Materials Center request.

· Ask a general question

· Equipment or Device Support

· Book or Instructional Product Support

Select the area that best describes the help you need.

Enter the information specified on the form.

NOTE: The fields on the form vary, based on the type of request selected. Include Attachments with information that may be helpful for the request. Click Create

2. Send an email message to mcrequests@oakland.k12.mi.us

3. Call 248-209-2381

Regardless of how the request was created, you will receive an EMAIL with a link to your request, which will also be routed to the proper support staff, based on the information you provided in the request.

Materials Center REQUEST DETAILS:


Click “Requests” in the menu bar to view your requests.

NOTE: Any of your “Open” tickets will appear.

Click a specific request to view its activity.

Add a comment or attachment to the request.


Select “Profile” in the menu bar to view and edit your profile information or manage your password.

For more information, please contact the Oakland Schools Materials Center:

Phone: 248.209.2381

Email: mcrequests@oakland.k12.mi.us

Online submission: http://servicedesk.oakland.k12.mi.us/osmc

Welcome to our new team member!!

Teresa Bitti is a POHI teacher consultant providing assistance in determining feature matches of student’s physical abilities to appropriate technologies that allow for physical access to the curriculum. She also provides training and technical assistance on devices that are borrowed by local districts from Oakland Schools Material Center for student with physical impairments.