Rae Louie

Beacon Heights

My Passions

I have many, but most important to me are family, friends, and the memories I make with them. When I am at school, I like to work closely with staff and students to help support learning, build relationships that support the social and emotional growth, and create opportunities that enable others to move forward in positive ways. I like to have fun with everyone!

At home, I spend time trying to relax (code word for clean, wash, iron). My fun times are when I get to bond with my three girls, their kids, and my husband. We all like to get together as much as we can, to shop til you drop (I have three girls!), to visit local sites (we love Silver Lake, REd Butte, museums, and athletic events). Go Utes!

We all love animals, and as a teacher you can identify: Our family has had many: gerbils, snakes, chickens, ducks, lizards, frogs, a rabbit, a guinea pig, that spent 9 months at school and 3 months at home. Yes, and dogs! Our only current pet is Barkley, a Brittany Spaniel.

About me and school

Where I work...

Beacon Heights is where I have my fun! We are a school that has worked very hard to integrate the arts into all core content areas. Examples of our work can be found on our website www.beaconheights@slcschools.org

Some of our projects at Beacon Heights

Learning can be relaxing and fun!