Gattis Gossip

Volume 6, Issue 11____Nov. 4, 2013

This Week at Gattis....

PTA Online Readathon


  • 8:05 PDAS
  • 12:50 504


  • 8:00 Annual ARD
  • 8:55 Revision ARD
  • 9:50 Annual ARD
  • 11:55 Annual/REED ARD
  • 1:00 PDAS


  • 8:15 Office Meeting
  • 10:40 Revision ARD
  • 12:15 PDAS
  • 1:50 504
  • 3:05 Faculty Meeting - Required Training
  1. Child Advocacy/CPS
  2. Anti bullying training


  • Principal Today
  • 8:00 504


  • 7:35 School-wide Assembly
  • SSTs (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

A Look Ahead....

Nov. 5 Bully - Movie @ Flix Brewhouse (pm)

Nov. 7 7:30 am PTA Parent Breakfast

Nov. 7 Principal Today

Nov. 11 5th grade Field Trip

Nov. 12 Leadership

Nov. 12 PTA Meeting - 5th grade program

Nov. 13 Turn In date - Student Treasure Packets

Nov. 14 8:00 K Award Ceremony

Nov. 14 8:45 1st Award Ceremony

Nov. 14 9:30 2nd Award Ceremony

Nov. 15 8:00 4th Award Ceremony

Nov. 15 8:45 5th Award Ceremony

Nov. 15 9:30 3rd Award Ceremony

Nov. 15 6:30-8:00 Family Dance ( st. council sponsored)

Nov. 21 & 22 Traveling Canyon

Nov. 26 Fire Dept. Assembly

Nov. 27-29 Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec. 2-11 Math, Science, Reading, Writing CBA window

Link for grade level details:

November Birthdays

Nov. 10 Carolyn Slavin

Nov. 11 Lisa Melson, Christinne Etheredge, AND

Tammy Garcia!!!

Nov. 12 Robin Foerster

Nov. 14 Hilary Krof

Nov. 15 Susie Marek

Nov. 21 Michelle LePlattenier

Nov. 27 Lexey Krause

Nov. 30 Laura Boehler

Please let me know if I left anyone off!

Notes from Thankful Hearts....

Just a few things I'm thankful for...

Your smiling faces as you come through the doors ready to give your best to these little Gattis 'Gators! You are the factor that makes the difference for our kids!

Understanding and caring hearts in the workplace! It makes the day so much smoother!

My sweet daughters... safe and well, despite their driving misadventures!

I could go on and on, and so could you, I'm sure. So feel free to share anything you feel grateful for in this season. You don't have to prioritize... sometimes it's the small things that come to mind! Here's a link to share your thoughts. I'll share as many as I can over the next few weeks in our Gattis Gossip!

Substitute Shortages

Our apologies for the difficulties we are having with securing substitutes. Please remember to request a sub through SubFinder as soon as you know that you will need one. If you are feeling bad the night before and suspect that you may need one, go ahead and request. It is much easier to cancel a sub than to find one at the last minute.

Student Treasures

The deadline for submitting your student treasure book packets to me is coming up Nov. 13! Let me know right away if you need support in some way,