Hawk Weekly

October 21st-25th

Music Melody With Mrs. Murray

Havel's Musicians are off to a great school year! Kindergarten and first grade students have been doing activities that focus on steady beat, exploring classroom instruments, and singing skills. Second grade students have been focusing on singing and rhythmic notation. The third grade students have been listening to and singing music from Africa! They have also been playing singing and steady beat games that are similar to games played by children in African villages. The fourth grade students started off the year learning about tempo (speed of the music), learning tempo vocabulary, and composing music using different tempo markings. Fifth and sixth grade students composed music using of different forms (patterns) and textures using both classroom instruments and the computer program Garage Band.

Concert Dates

Concert Dates:

Tuesday, February 11th (grades 1-5)

Tuesday, March 31st (Drumming Ensemble)

Thursday, April 23rd (6th grade band)

Tuesday, May 5th (Kindergarten)

Halloween Parade- 10:00

Our school wide Halloween parade will take place OUTSIDE on the blacktop near the kindergarten classrooms at 10:00am. (If it rains we will be parading in the gym, so make sure any guests have photo id just in case!)

Anyone is invited to attend the parade as we showcase our spooky costumes, sparkles, smiles, and favorite heroes/characters! If you plan on attending your child's classroom party YOU MUST SHOW PHOTO ID and sign in at the office. Specific party plans are up to grade levels/individual teachers, for more information reach out to them!

BHC Health Weekly Announcements

For the Weekend Friday- Did you know that your taste buds change as you grow? For the weekend try a food you didn't like when you were younger and see if your taste buds have changed.

Mindful Monday- Clutter can cloud your mind, take a minute to clear your space and clear your mind.

Tell Your Neighbor Tuesday- Orange is one of the colors of fall, can you think of a fruit or vegetable that is the color orange, tell your neighbor what you thought of.

Wacky Fact Wednesday- Scientists can turn peanut butter into Diamonds.

Think About It Thursday- Chocolate milk is a delicious and healthy option to drink after physical activity, thank about having some next time you are active!

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Dates To Know


24th- Snack Cart

26th- Make A Difference Day

31st- 1/2 Day Halloween 10:00 Parade, 12:04 Dismissal


4th- 1st Quarter Assembly & Fun Run Reveal

12th- Picture Retakes

World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser Assembly

1:55- K-2

2:55- 3rd-6th

13th- Evening Conferences 5:00-8:00

14th- 1/2 Day Conferences AM Specials 12:04 dismissal

15th- MSU/U Of M Spirit Day

19th- HVL Meeting 4:15-5:30

26th- Crew Meeting- TBD

27th-29th- NO SCHOOL- Thanksgiving

Halloween Costume Guidelines

With October knocking on our door and the excitement of picking out a Halloween costume please keep in mind the following:

All of us at Havel work diligently to teach children how to solve problems in a non-violent way. For Halloween we do not want to see children dressed as perpetrators or victims of violence. This includes props and accessories related to blood, gore, and weapons. Parent, please monitor your child’s costume choices. Keep in mind we don’t want our youngest students frightened by gory or scary costumes. Those should absolutely be avoided. Students whose costume may be too much for our younger students may be asked to not wear their mask or possibly not participate in the parade.

Halloween Treats

All of our classrooms are peanut and tree nut safe. As is our building practice, no CANDY CONTAINING these ingredients will be allowed. As Halloween gets closer, please contact your child's teacher for specific items/food that may be needed for the party. HOMEMADE GOODS are not allowed in the classrooms. Thank you for helping us maintain a safe environment for all our students.
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