Fourth Grade Newsletter 2017-2018

Mrs. Eske's Class-Week of Sept. 15-22

Learning, Living, and Leading TOGETHER; in Specials, the Lunchroom, and during Recess Too!!!

From the Desk of Mrs. Eske,

This week we have really been striving to learn, live, and lead together by using the 7 Habits!!! We are continually working to be safe, responsible, and respectful too, but every week I am noticing wonderful progress being made. I have been seeing and hearing wonderful things within and outside of the classroom with our awesome fourth grade students!!! One student said, "Thank you for helping me with my math!" Another said, "Mrs. Eske, I will help that student with their color poem if you would like me to!" In addition, one student noticed that my work area needed a little bit of attention and organization, and she said, "I can help you organize that!" SO many positive things taking place as our motto is becoming more and more noticeable, we are working to help each other and not hurt each other!!!

Please know that I love my job and I am so proud to be a teacher at Jeffries!! We are still in the process of working on establishing our routines, procedures, and setting those expectations for exemplary behavior in specials, in the lunchroom, and on the playground. So any help with that would be greatly appreciated. Just encouraging your child to have fun, but be safe while following playground rules; and encouraging your child to be respectful in the lunchroom, really does make a difference!! We have volunteers and lunchroom aides, in addition to Dr. Cooper and Mr. Dake that go above and beyond to help the lunchroom process run smoothly. Fourth grade, as a whole, seems to be having more difficulty with this; due to being more loud, being up out of lunchroom seats unnecessarily, and some students are just having more difficulty making good choices and using good manners. We now have a seating chart in the lunchroom, but I would love for us to be able to, as a grade level, work back to being able to choose seats that are a good fit!! Special area classes for the most part, have been going well, we are earning mostly 3's and 4's (Silver and Gold), but we did earn a (Bronze) this week in PE. :( We are working on earning an Electronics Day celebration and unfortunately we were so close to achieving that goal until the Bronze. But since then, we have been working hard to earn that celebration back!!!! We are on the right track and thinking WIN-WIN, to achieve success in specials! Again, thank you for your support by encouraging your child to be a leader at school and outside of school too!!!


Mrs. Eske

SCIENCE Project Based Learning: DESIGN a Buffer/Safety Device for EGGbert!!!!

In these short video's, students will discuss...the purpose of the project, the materials that were used, what we would be doing, and why. The students did an AWESOME JOB creating their buffers for EGGbert and 5 out of 6 teams were successful when keeping Eggbert safe.

I will share photographs from the project in next week's newsletter.

Important Dates and Events for September

Fri., Sept. 1- Leadership Assembly & Fall Fundraiser Kick-Off 9:30AM- all students should wear their school leadership t-shirts (stay at school)- teachers provided & dog tags;

K Color Day- Rainbow. Enjoy your 3 day weekend! Sharpen Your Saw!

Sun., Sept. 3- Happy Birthday, Mrs. Eske, 4th Grade Teacher

Mon., Sept. 4- Labor Day (no school); Happy Birthday, Mrs. Gibbens- Instructional Technologist!

Tues., Sept. 5- Happy Birthday, Mrs. Courtois- Secretary!;

Students begin earning Jag Bucks for Jaguar Junction (Cents of Pride store)- $1 for behavior each day/$1 for being in school from 8:50-3:35PM.

Thurs., Sept. 7- PTA Exec. Mtg. 6:30PM (Conference Room)

Tues., Sept. 12- PTA Mtg./Watch DOG Kick-Off (pizza provided)- 6:30PM in the gym (all families invited)

Wed., Sept. 13- Fire Drill; Papa John's Night (2-nights)

Thurs., Sept. 14- Happy Birthday, Ms. Neyer- 1st grade teacher!;

Jeffries Papa John's Night

Fri., Sept. 15- Future Kickapoo Chiefs & Parkview Vikings Night (all elementary feeders)- Football Game & Activities 6:45PM

Sat., Sept. 16- Happy Birthday, Mrs. Sheets- 1st grade teacher!

Sun., Sept. 17- Constitution Day

Fri., Sept. 22- Jeffries Health Fair (in the gym/Conference Room)

Thurs., Sept. 28- Jeffries Open House 4:30-6PM

Fri., Sept. 29- Leadership Assembly 9:30AM