Gator Gazette

Great Things Are Growing at Glenhope

Growing Together

Today marks the end of round 1 of our PLC/GTU cycle and I am so inspired by the excitement that I have witnessed. Conversations about the amazing things you have learned and how you plan to use your new information or skill in your classrooms is motivating me and those around you. My day was made on Monday when Rainey shared with me how well a new strategy that she was trying for Math Workstations was working. Techy Becky made my day on Tuesday when I stopped by her classroom to help her solve a problem and she had already used her mad Google skills to take cake of it. The truth is you all make my day everyday because you never stop working and learning. You understand that student learning can't happen without teacher learning. You all inspire me daily. I am so looking forward to a year of learning and growing together.

Continuing to Grow Together

As we look toward future learning, your needs are at the forefront. If you would please, take one minute to click on this link and write in the box of this Google Form anything that you think you might like to know more about or just explore. I want to work to make the learning opportunities we provide for you relevant and only what you feel will help you grow professionally and contribute to student learning.

Have I told you that 'I love my job'!

This has been such a great adventure! I have loved my time with you. I have loved coming into your classrooms and helping you complete tasks so your time with kids is increased. I have loved being invited to watch or help with fun lessons. I have loved having collaborative discussions about lesson design or small groups or whatever is on your mind. I loved being asked to come watch and script and share specific feedback. I have loved learning new things every day and am thankful to be continuing to learn them with you. It's great to be a Gator!