Friday, February 5, 2016


GaETC Application to Present: NOW OPEN!

The application to present at GaETC is now open! Be sure to keep the deadline in mind while preparing, as it's different than past years. April 1, 2016 is deadline for both pre-conference workshop and concurrent session proposals.

Need Help Writing a Conference Proposal?

If you're interested in presenting at GaETC but aren't sure how to begin with the proposal, Kennesaw State iTeach is here to support you! The Instructional Technology Department will pay for your registration to attend this workshop taking place at KSU on March 19. Sign up below!
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Sign Up for the KSU Conference Proposal Workshop

Please do not add your name to the list if you are not certain you can attend. You do not need to email Stephanee directly. We will provide her with a complete Fulton list.

Office of Educational Technology: National Education Technology Plan

In Fulton County, we're doing things right! The Office of Educational Technology released its National Education Technology Plan in December 2015, and it details the vision for using technology to support learning. Read the introduction below and then take a peek at the entire plan.

Thank you for doing the work you're doing to make this happen!

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Vancademy Award Categories

In May we'll be celebrating the great work that has been completed by our Vanguard team members throughout the year. But first, we need some categories! Using the Padlet page linked below, share your ideas, serious and/or funny! As long as it's work appropriate, the suggestion is welcome! Once we've determined our categories, we'll start accepting nominees!

To make a suggestion, put your suggested category on the title line and your name below it!

February Reflections

Thank you to everyone who has already posted a reflection for February. Be sure to get yours posted by the end of the month!

Roving Reporter - School Spotlight: Dolvin Elementary School

Our first School Spotlight visited Dolvin Elementary School to showcase some principles of Personalized Learning. These segments feature Vanguard members Lauren Busing, Emily Davis, Megan Endicott, Tammy Felton, and Renee Morris, as well as some other great teachers!

Video 1: Choice and Voice in a Second Grade Classroom

Video 2: Art, Music, Choice in Demonstrating Mastery, Just-in-time Direct Instruction

Video 3: Instructional Coaching

Stay tuned for videos from our second School Spotlight which took place at Bear Creek Middle School!

Roving Reporter - School Spotlight: Dolvin - Choice & Voice
Roving Reporter - School Spotlight: Dolvin - Personalized Learning
Roving Reporter - School Spotlight: Dolvin - Instructional Coaches


Please try and participate in the chats. The more folks we have chatting, the better the conversation. So set a reminder and join us every Thursday at 7:30!