Sony hacked

Is North Korea Involved?

Sony suffered a huge cyber attack this past mid-Decemeber. Reports say that Sony workers had a red skeleton on they're screens saying that they have been hacked by GOP (Guardians Of Peace).Personal information of celebrities were stolen and many other important information of Sony
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Sony predicts that North Korea is involved in this cyber attack.Sony's movie "The Interview" provoked North Korea because of its main idea to assasinate the supreme leader from North Korea.Even though the movie made 1 million dollars in profit on the first day it came out, movie has been banned and can only be seen online.
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There are also traces that prove that North Korea was involved some how in this attack against Sony.There are IP addresses that link to North Korea.Although North Korea denies to all responsebility in this cyber attack.This was a hard blow that Sony has suffered and is planning to recover from it