South Africa

By Zach Floyd


  • Continent: Africa
  • Nearest oceans and other countries: Mediterranean Sea,Namibia
  • Capital and major cities: Pretoria, Cape town, Bloemfontein
  • Size: 471,400 miles
  • Land-forms: Table Mountain, Robbin Island, Boulders Beach
  • Natural resources: Gold, Uranium, Copper
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Major industries: Worlds largest producer of platinum, gold, chromium, automobile assembly, and commercial ship repair

Trade: Corn, diamonds, fruits, gold and metals

Currency: South african rand


Type of government: constitutional republic

Head of government: Jacob Zuma

Military: South African National Defense Force

Foreign policy: Russia, China, Zimbabwe


1990 - ANC unbanned, Mandela released after 27 years in prison. Namibia becomes independent.

2000 December - ANC prevails in local elections. Recently-formed Democratic Alliance captures nearly a quarter of the votes. The Inkatha Freedom Party wins 9%.

2001 December - High Court rules that pregnant women must be given Aids drugs to help prevent transmission of the virus to their babies.

2003 November - Government approves major programme to treat and tackle HIV/Aids. It envisages network of drug-distributon centres and preventative programmes. Cabinet had previously refused to provide anti-Aids medicine via public health system.

2010 August - Civil servants stage nation-wide strike.

Social Structure

Class system: Middle class

Religion: Islam

Ethnic groups: Zulu, Xhosa, Swazi

Life expectancy: 56 years

Languages spoken: English, Zulu, Xhosa

Education: Governed by two national departments

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