Visit the Abbasid Empire!

And here's why:

This flyer will briefly describe some of what our glorious Caliphate has to offer - take a look!

A Taste of the Literature

Read A Thousand and One Arabian Nights in the Caliphate where it originated, or see the desert that inspired Bedouin poetry - perhaps read the love story of Layla and Majnun with a significant other!

Art and Architecture

See the beautiful architecture in mosques like the one above - we blend Byzantine styles with our own influence to make an experience that is one-of-a-kind. Beautiful calligraphy and geometric patterns will leave you enchanted.

We're really advanced - come and cash in on it!

The stable and enormous economy of our empire is due to our many trade options (such as our alliance with China!) as well as the fact that we are a center of industry. This prosperity allows us to provide resources for your betterment - try the House of Wisdom to study whatever you can find in its extensive library, or to translate what you need for your business, or try an observatory to simply revel in the beauty of the desert stars!

(*Don't be scared, though - we're not all desert. Above is the Mediterranean Sea, a vital part of our caliphate's prosperity).

What do we mean, "advanced"?

Our scholars have made your stargazing possible by developing our understanding of light (Optics, Ibn al-Haytham), made your voyage here possible (the astrolabe), helped you structure your days with time and calendars (the armillary sphere), made trade and...well, almost every technology more efficient through advanced mathematics (al-jabr, Al-Kwharizmi), and even made you healthier with experimental methods of making scientific discoveries in addition to Greek ideas - leading to such works as the Comprehensive Book by al-Razi. See the place where this all came to be, come visit!

(advertising paid for by the Abbasid Caliphate*, flyer made by Natalia Mushegian of Mr. Downes' Online World History Class)

*not really